Desert Lake, located on the Canadian Shield, is a natural, deep, coldwater lake.  Although there is no dam directly on the lake, water flows from Canoe Lake which is controlled by Energy Ottawa at the Canoe Lake Dam. Desert Lake is a highly sensitive lake hosting a high diversity of fish ranging from warmwater to coldwater species. As this lake is deep, there are many cold sections providing critical habitat for lake trout. When coldwater species such as trout are present, this is a good indication of water quality since these species are highly sensitive to specific habitat conditions. Fish species previously caught on Desert Lake are listed below. 

Desert Lake is located within the Cataraqui River watershed. Nearby lakes include Thirteen Island Lake, Thirty Island Lake, Fourteen Island Lake, Canoe Lake, Eel Lake, Birch Lake, Big Salmon Lake, North Otter Lake and Holleford Lake.

County of Frontenac

Township of South Frontenac

Cataraqui River

Maximum Depth
68.3 Meters / 224 Feet

Present Fish Species