We all love Desert Lake, whether it’s our first time dipping our toes in the pristine waters or a lifetime of fond memories with family and friends — Desert Lake is a special gem that many of us call our second home.

The Desert Lake Property Owners' Association wishes to maintain the essence and physical characteristics of what makes Desert Lake such a very special place. In fact, board members work year-round to ensure the preservation and information sharing of Desert Lake and our natural environment. That we maintain a strong voice and advocate for the bettering of our community.

Your annual membership ensures you:

  • can gain access to information;
  • remain up to date on issues and news;
  • contributes to an environmental fund
  • gives you access to networking at our AGM;
  • supports special initiatives by our working committees;
  • and more.

And perhaps most importantly, the Association acts as an environment steward for cottagers — protecting wetlands and monitoring development on the lake.

If you’re not a member, please be sure to join now, as membership and cottager’s participation in the Association is critical to the success of preserving Desert Lake.