Canoeing, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, boat rides and sailing are a few common activities you will see on Desert Lake.      

We all have the right to a fun, safe water experience. This means that everyone has a responsibility to share the water with wildlife, swimmers, and other boaters.

Transport Canada has published the Safe Boating Guide - a valuable resource to help us understand regulations that apply to boating and about safe and responsible boating practices.

Boating is fun, but did you know that close to 100 people die and many more get seriously injured every year in boating incidents? Most boating deaths and injuries can be avoided. Refer to Canada’s Safe Boating Guide for safety tips and requirements before getting on the water.  

Invasive species can be foreign plants, fish, algae or bacteria that can crowd out the lake’s natural species. They are introduced to lakes on boat hulls and from dumping live bait into the lake. Do your part and follow local bylaws by cleaning and rinsing your boat before entering new water to help remove spores and other invasive organisms.

Ontario has adopted speed limits of 10 km/h within 30 m (around 100 ft) of shore on all waters. This limit is in effect on Desert Lake.

Sensitive Shoreline - NO WAKE

  • Reducing your wake helps prevent shoreline erosion caused by waves hitting the shore and washing away sediment and aquatic habitat. It also helps keep people safe in these zones with slower speeds resulting in fewer boating accidents.
  • In addition, wakes can wash out loon nests or separate young loons from
    their parents, which makes chicks easy pickings for predators.
  • Another added benefit of reducing your speed and following the 10 km/h law is that it helps keep noise levels down for the people and animals living by the shore.

Did you know it is illegal to pollute the water with garbage, gas and oil? This means that before you get in your boat you should inspect your engine for any leaking oil or gasoline. Make sure any items you brought onto the water return to shore for proper disposal. This includes drink containers, fishing gear and loose equipment.

Do your part to take care of Desert Lake so it can be enjoyed in future decades.